Over 25 years of experience as an independent design contractor and consultant across a diverse breadth of categories. A trusted partner to clients and fellow business members striving always to build and nurture relationships to break bottlenecks and fosters a collaborative working environment. 
A creative, instinctively insightful and relationship driven creative director with expertise in strategic conceptual design. Having cultivated an expertise in overseeing a fast-paced work flow while maintaining high quality standards. Always striving to create operational efficiencies for both large and small brands, such as The Boston Beer Company, Brooklyn Spirits, Lionsgate and Music Box Films to name a few. 
Oversees branding from ideation to development through implementation, while always defining the ever-changing product requirements and product visions. All this is executed while collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure all efforts meet predetermined time-lines and drive revenue growth. 
I welcome you to review my portfolio. If you have any questions, please contact me. Always happy to discuss any aspect of my creative process and/or my experience. Please, keep me in mind if an opportunity to serve you arises in the future. 

Thank you for your time,
Ross Charters, Owner/Creative Director
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