For over 20 years I've been honing my skills and insights to help build successful brands and create a relevant and consistent voice for our clients. This all begins with the brand mark. The first sound of your brand's voice to reach your target audience. This voice is the packaging of your brand. It all starts with the product, it is told through the branding, and is confirmed though the consumer's experience. With all of our image building experience in the entertainment segment we have become very proficient at boiling things down to their essence and finding the simplest way to convey that. And this truely is the definition of good design. Artists convey an emotion, designers tell a story that evokes an emotional response. We pride ourselves on an open visual outlook. Not forcing a predetermined style onto our clients but rather working with them to visualize their voice. This is a process that I still find incredibly energizing and exciting. It's what drives me. And in the end we should both be enjoying this process. We don't claim to have the magic formula that we can just plug your company into for guaranteed success. Rather we see you and your connection with your consumers as an original and compelling story that with our experience we can tell in a meaningful way. Always being open to new thought and new priorities, and allow thinking that is out of the box. There are no constants in this ever changing consumer climate where the norm is considered at times a flaw, big brand no longer trustworthy and stories of authenticity becoming the untrustworthy NORM. Many companies have become superficial and lack true authenticity that many consumers seek out in brands. A new approach is becoming the want of the younger consumer and I feel that is what we offer. I look forward to navigating this arena of new world thinking with you. 
The Visual Chemist, Inc. specializes in a personal touch, carrying projects from beginning to end, from concept to printed piece. We offers cohesive problem solving solutions to a broad array of marketing and design initiatives across various industries. The result? A one-stop shop with personalized service where every project, no matter how big or small, is equally important.
Our broad expertise has allowed us to work with diverse blue chip companies including: A&E Television Network, Bacardi, The Boston Beer Company, Coca-Cola, The History Channel, Nabisco and Disney.
With all this being said, we would like to welcome you to view our portfolio. We know that you will be extremely satisfied with us and the services we provide to our customers. If you have any questions, please call us we will be happy to discuss any aspect of our creative process and/or our experience with you. I hope you will keep us in mind if an opportunity to serve you in the future arises.

Thank you for your time,
Ross Charters,
President and Creative Director
The Visual Chemist, Inc.
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